Find those assets and get paid.

Got a Debtor?


All Our Searches are GLB Compliant

These are the highest quality searches, at the very lowest cost.

1. Statewide Bank Locate - $195 hit / $35 if no accounts

2. Nationwide Bank Locate - $295 hit / $35 if no accounts

3. Nationwide Brokerages - $360 hit / $60 if no accounts

4. National Bank & Brokerage Together - Discounted to $595 hits

What do we return? All accounts located, name of bank, balances and last deposits (if available)

How long does it take? Usually returned in 6-7 business days

What do we need from you?

If a person, we need Full Name, DOB and SSN. (SSN Search add $25) 

If a business, legal name of Company, Address, FEIN and CEO name.  (FEIN Search add $40)



5. Bank Balance Update - $75 & $105
We will update the balance of any account that we recently located one time ($75) or we will

monitor the account for 30 days and provide you with balances on those days. (This helps you determine the best time to levy.)

Rush Orders: Add 30%
– IF YOU HAVE OTHER NEEDS, PLEASE LET US KNOW –    Or Call Peter Gilboy directly at 619.758.3552